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Driving License: Learn About Suspensions, Revocations, and Reinstatement

While many people think that driving is a right, it is actually a privilege that you can lose via suspension or revocation. As a driver, educate yourself on how you can lose your driving license and what you can do to get it back.

Why You May Lose Your Driving License

Certain offenses, driving or otherwise, may cause you to lose your driving privilege when the government suspends or revokes your driving license. Note that revocation will cause you to go without your license for a longer period than a suspension. Below are some of the typical reasons for license suspension or revocation.

Point Accumulation

The government can suspend your driving license if you accumulate a number of points on the license. The number of points depends on the traffic offenses from which you accumulated the points.

Criminal Convictions

Certain criminal offenses can also result in license suspension or revocation.  For example, the authorities might suspend or revoke your license if a criminal court convicts you of:

  • Driving while impaired (DWI)
  • Committing a felony offense that involves the use of a vehicle
  • Illegally transporting alcohol
  • Stealing fuel from a motor vehicle
  • Failing to stop after a car accident

The above are just a few examples of such offenses; numerous criminal convictions can result in the government suspending or revoking your license.

Failure to Appear for Hearings

Expect to lose your license if you commit certain traffic offenses but then fail to appear for your court hearing. For example, you may lose your license if you are charged with a minor violation like not using your seat belt but skip your court date.

Failure to Pay Penalties or Child Support

Lastly, you may also lose your license if you don’t pay the penalties for some traffic offenses or if you don’t pay for the damage from an accident in which you were at fault. The court can also suspend your license if you fail to pay the child support that you owe.

As you can see, a wide variety of offenses can end in license revocation or suspension. Do your best to obey all traffic and related laws so as not to lose your license.

How to Get Your License Back

Despite your best attempts, you may lose your driving license (say, due to a one-time lapse in judgment). If that happens, the following measures can help you get your license back.

Add Your Missed Court Date Back on the Court Docket

If your license is suspended because you missed a court date, you can reschedule the court date and attend it. Get your case added back to the court’s docket — and if you’ve missed more than one court date, make sure to hire an attorney for help getting back on track.

Appeal the Suspension

Try to appeal your suspension or revocation. Your chances of success depend on multiple factors, such as the nature of your offense, whether you are a repeat offender, and whether you face a conviction.

Get a Limited Driving Privilege

Another alternative is to apply for limited driving privileges. For example, you may get a limited license to allow you to commute to your workplace or take your children to school.

Pay the Applicable Fees

In most cases, you have to pay applicable license restoration fees before you can get your driving license back. Typical fees include restoration fees and service fees, among others. The nature of your offense determines the fees you have to pay.

However, sometimes paying the fees and accepting the ticket can result in longer suspensions. Consult with an attorney first to see what the best course of action is.

Take a Driving Test

In some cases, the authorities may require you to take and pass a driving test before they will reinstate your driving license.

Provide Proof of Insurance

Proof of liability insurance may also form part of the reinstatement requirements. This requirement typically applies if your offenses included inadequate auto insurance.

Meet Any Other Requirements

The above requirements do not represent an exhaustive list of everything you might need to get your license reinstated. The specific circumstances of your offenses and revocation or suspension also come into play.

Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with license suspension or revocation anytime soon. If you do get your license suspended or revoked, however, Carl L. Britt Jr. Attorney at Law can help you get your license back. Contact us as soon as possible so we can begin the process of license reinstatement.

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