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4 Causes of Car Accidents Due to a Driver

Auto Accident Involving Two Cars — Fayetteville, NC — Britt Carl L Jr

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just starting your journey behind the wheel, safety should always be your top priority. Every year, thousands of car accidents occur in the United States, causing numerous injuries and loss of lives.

Many of these accidents are due to mistakes that drivers make while on the road. Look at the common driver-related causes of car accidents to help you become more conscientious, make safer decisions, and potentially avoid lethal and legal troubles on the road.

1. Reckless Driving

Reckless driving refers to any action taken while behind the wheel that places the safety of others at risk. Reckless driving encompasses many behaviors, such as excessive lane-changing and hostile gestures at other motorists. Sadly, many motorists fail to grasp the gravity of their hazardous behavior.

One of the most common forms of irresponsible driving is neglecting to follow traffic laws. Some motorists may not realize the potential repercussions of running red lights. While driving, aim to be as predictable as other road users. This includes actions like driving when it is safe to do so, either because the light is green or because you have the right of way, stopping to let people cross when it is safe to do so, and respecting speed limits.

However, reckless driving involves more than just disobeying the rules of the road. It also encompasses erratic and risky conduct while driving. Accidents can occur when stopping abruptly or switching lanes without signaling. These erratic maneuvers leave other motorists no time to avoid or contribute to disastrous outcomes.

2. Driving While Impaired or Under the Influence

Impaired driving includes both driving while intoxicated and driving while under the effects of substances. The impact of disability on motor skills, response time, and cognitive capacities caused while intoxicated can have devastating repercussions on the road. The problem of drunk driving persists despite campaigns to educate the public and strengthen sanctions.

Consuming any amount of alcohol can substantially reduce a person’s responsiveness, awareness, and vision. Similar, if less widely known, consequences can result from drugged driving.

The issue worsens when intoxicated drivers falsely believe they are safe to operate a motor vehicle. This can lead to risky actions, including driving too fast for current weather and road conditions, disregarding traffic signals, or neglecting to give way to pedestrians.

3. Distracted Driving

All drivers are vulnerable to the dangers posed by various sources of distraction. Cell phone use while driving is often the most common cause of driver distraction. Not only does this entail making or receiving calls, but also using social media, an interactive GPS, and even altering the music playing in the car. On the other hand, in-car interruptions like children or a backseat driver might be just as dangerous as those outside the vehicle.

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and can have just as disastrous an impact as drunk driving. If you take your focus off the road for only a second, you can miss something dangerous like a car slowing or another car coming straight at you. Avoiding an accident may depend critically on this momentary gap in concentration.

4. Speeding

A driver’s responsiveness to sudden events is significantly impaired by excessive speed. They might be unable to react in time to avoid a severe or deadly collision if, for example, a pedestrian unexpectedly crosses the street in front of them. Moreover, braking sharply when traveling over the speed limit can also lead the driver to lose control of their automobile and swerve off the road, potentially smashing trees or additional obstacles in the route.

Motorists must also pay attention to the various speed limits posted across the city. A speed restriction is in place not to inconvenience drivers but to protect the well-being of everyone on the road. Increasing the danger of an accident is exceeding the speed limit in locations with many pedestrians, such as educational districts or residential neighborhoods.

If you are the victim of a reckless driver-caused accident, contact us at Carl L Britt, Jr, for legal representation in Cumberland County, North Carolina.

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