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Traffic Lawyers in Fayetteville, NC

Have you been issued a traffic violation? If so, you don't just have to accept it - even if it seems like an inconvenience to do otherwise. With help from an experienced traffic attorney at Carl L Britt, Jr, Attorney at Law, in Fayetteville, NC, you can rest assured that your traffic violation won't impact your insurance premiums or your driver's license. Let our traffic lawyers help with your traffic violation today.

What Are Common Traffic Violations?

Most people realize that speeding is a common traffic violation, but what are some others? Traffic violations might be:

  • Lack of stopping for pedestrians
  • Lack of using turn signals
  • Lack of or expired license, registration, or insurance
  • Lack of using seat belt
  • Lack of two people or more when driving in carpool lane

Whatever traffic violation you have, rely on a traffic ticket lawyer from Carl L. Britt, Jr, Attorney at Law, for help today.

Traffic violations are typically minor offenses that take your time from work and/or family, usually require you to pay fines and court costs, will almost always require you to pay more for insurance, and cost you valuable points against your license.

We are experienced attorneys who have been practicing law in Cumberland County for more than 20 years. Usually, we are able to negotiate an offense to a lesser charge or obtain a prayer for judgment continued (PJC). This may result in no increase in your insurance premiums and reduce the amount of increase of points on your license. Our most important goal is to prevent the loss of your driver’s license.

Most cases can be handled without you being present in court with your written consent or waiver which saves you time off from work, school, or anything else you had rather be doing instead of sitting in a crowded courtroom. Please feel free to call us at (910) 483-1176 to make an appointment so we can discuss your particular case.

It costs nothing to talk with me. You will only be charged if you retain my services. My fees are reasonable and I will be open and honest with you about what can be done with your case. If you decide to retain my services without an appointment, we can send you a waiver not to appear in court and you can return the waiver along with your fee by mail.

Traffic Ticket Attorney at Your Disposal

Traffic violations might seem minor to deal with, but they can impact your life considerably. Don't rely on yourself to get through this. Instead, turn to a traffic court lawyer who can handle the case for you. Whether you need an expired license or speeding ticket attorney, call us today at 910483-1176 for your free consultation.

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