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Driving while impaired (DWI) is a serious offense. If you’re facing charges in Fayetteville, NC, your first step should be to find a good DWI lawyer. And our legal team at Carl L. Britt, Jr. Attorney at Law is a great place to look. Both Carl L. Britt and Daniel J. Britt have extensive experience with DWI cases.

With us on your side, you have a better chance of reducing your sentence and retaining your driver’s license — even if you are found guilty.

Consequences of a DWI in North Carolina

A DWI conviction could lead to a sentence of up to three years in jail. However, jail time is not the only penalty you face for this crime. You may also receive the following consequences:

  • Suspension or permanent loss of license
  • Fines ranging from $200 to $10,000
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Community service
  • Requirement to install an ignition interlock device

A DWI conviction also stays on your record for seven years. As you likely already know, a criminal record can impact your ability to get a job, receive scholarships, and rent an apartment.

Defenses to a DWI Charge

While our legal team can’t guarantee a particular outcome for a case, we promise to do everything we can to fight for our clients’ best interests. Here are some of the defenses we might raise to protect you from a DWI conviction:

  • Plea bargain of “wet reckless”
  • Lack of probable cause
  • Failure to recite Miranda warnings
  • Improper administration of sobriety test
  • Inaccurate test results
  • Witness testimony

If the officer who arrested you made even one small mistake, the court may be forced to throw the whole case out. Our DWI lawyers will investigate your case to see if such a defense is possible.

Don’t let one bad decision ruin your life and future prospects. Call our Fayetteville, NC, law firm to speak to a DWI lawyer today.


Please call our office at (910) 483-1176 to make an appointment so we can discuss your case. It costs nothing to talk with us. You only pay if you retain our services. Our fees are reasonable, and I will be open and honest with you about what can be done to help you.

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