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7 Things That Increases Your Risk of a Speeding Ticket

Speeding Ticket – Fayetteville, NC – Carl L. Britt, Jr, Attorney at LawSpeeding is one of the most common ways to get a traffic ticket. The best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to drive safely and obey speed limits. However, not everyone who speeds has the same risk of a speeding ticket. Below are seven things that increase your risk of getting a speeding ticket.

1. Extreme Speeding

Breaking the speed limit is bad. However, you face a high risk of a speeding ticket if you exceed the speed limit by a wide margin. Most police officers won’t ticket you for going a few miles per hour over the posted limit. For example, ticket risk is low if you drive at 65 mph in a 60 mph zone.

For one, you show recklessness and endanger other road users if your speed is much higher than the posted limit. Secondly, many police officers also know that speedometers (and even speed guns) rarely have perfect calibration. Thus, they don’t want to ticket you for something that you can easily challenge.

2. School Zone Speeding  

Breaking the speed limit by a few digits might not get you ticketed in many places, except school zones. School zones tend to have lower speed limits to protect children. In such areas, exceeding the speed limit by even a few miles per hour can get you stopped and ticketed.

3. Night Driving

Speeding at night increases your risk of ticketing for two main reasons. For one, many DWI (driving under the influence) cases occur at night. The officers are on the lookout for such drivers. Secondly, the low number of vehicles on the road means you can’t blend in — the officers are more likely to notice you. Thus, it’s best to stick to the speed limit at night.

4. Small Town Driving

Many small towns use traffic tickets to generate significant revenue. In such areas, the local authorities are extra motivated to stop and ticket errant drivers. The police in such places are unlikely to let you off with a warning. Stick to the speed limit like glue to avoid ticketing in such areas.

5. Standing Out

You increase your risk of a ticket if, in addition to speeding, you do something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Remember that police officers don’t stop every driver on the road. Many drivers break traffic offenses without being stopped because the police officers don’t notice them. For example, you might stand out from the rest of the motorists if:

  • You keep hooting and flashing your lights at other drivers
  • You change lanes erratically
  • Your car has unconventional modifications, such as extra-large spoilers

Once an officer notices you, they’re more likely to notice your speeding too. Blend in with the crowd, and you may avoid a ticket.

6. Inattention

Drivers who pay attention to the road, other motorists, and their surroundings tend to avoid speeding tickets more than inattentive drivers. When you pay attention to your surroundings, you may notice:

  • Other drivers slowing down without obvious reasons, which may indicate a speed trap
  • Areas where speed limits drop, as most areas like this have speed gun monitors
  • Speed limits
  • Police vehicles

You might not notice such things if you don’t pay attention to the road, which increases your risk of a ticket.

7. Speeding During Adverse Weather

Lastly, you should know that speeding in adverse weather is more dangerous than speeding in perfect conditions. Adverse weather reduces visibility and makes the road slippery. In bad weather, the police can even ticket you for dangerous driving without breaking the speed limit. Be extra careful when the weather is bad.

You have the right to fight your speeding tickets or any other traffic tickets you might get. Carl L. Britt, Jr., can help you fight the tickets or even reinstate a suspended driving license. Contact us to discuss your situation and advise you on what to do.

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