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Common Types of Auto Accidents

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Approximately 16,438 auto accidents take place daily in the United States, resulting in significant damage and mountains of paperwork. Car crashes are a prominent cause of personal injury and vary in the location, vehicles involved, severity, and impact on the individual’s life.

The type of accident that has occurred can help establish who is at fault while its severity and scope of injuries determine a claim’s worth. Learn seven types of auto accidents so you can file your auto accident claim confidently.

Side Impact Collision

These are auto accidents involving one vehicle hitting another vehicle’s side. Also referred to as T-bone -though not delicious, side-impact collisions commonly take place in parking lots and intersections.

The severity of these auto accidents depends on the speed of the offending car and where the vehicle is struck. Occupants can get serious neck, head, back, and ear injuries as well as broken bones. Typically, most side-impact collisions have severe damages and a high potential for injury because les structural protection is available for a vehicle’s side.

Rear-End Collision

This type of collision is one of the most widespread auto accidents in the United States, accounting for 29.65 percent of car crashes It happens when a vehicle’s front side hits another car’s backside -a vehicle hits the one in front of it.

Common causes of rear-end auto accidents are distracted driving, tailgating, panic stops, and poor road conditions that result in decreased traction. These accidents differ in severity, damage, and potential injury due to factors such as speed and distance.


Rollovers account for 2.3 percent of auto accidents and occur when a car flips over to its roof or side. They emanate from one or a combination of factors such as vehicle type, speed, driver behavior, location, and environmental conditions. Mostly, a vehicle defect or driver behavior such a reckless driving, alcohol consumption, and distracted driving cause rollovers.

Although any car can roll over, taller vehicles and SUVs have a high probability of rollover accidents. From the impact of the accident and loose objects in the cabin, rollover accidents result in significant neck, spine, brain injuries, and loss of bodily functions.

Multi-Vehicle Collision

Common in busy roads and highways, multi-vehicle auto accidents involve many vehicles, making them dangerous and complicated.

Drivers and passengers can sustain injuries due to vehicles colliding multiple times and at different angles. Massive pile-ups can lead to severe injuries and fatalities, especially when vehicles are pinned between others. Determining fault in multi-vehicle collisions can be hard, though it come down to the driver that acted negligently first.

Head-on Collision

One of the deadliest auto accidents, head-on collisions, takes place when the front ends of two cars collide. Also, they can occur when a vehicle hits an object, animal, or other obstacles on the road headfirst.

The main cause of these collisions is a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction, which makes it easier to determine who is at fault. Failure to observe traffic signs, road conditions, drunk driving, and crossing the median on a highway can cause these accidents. Head-on collisions are devastating t drivers and passengers. They can sustain severe injuries including dislocations, internal bleeding, and concussions.

Sideswipe Accidents

As the name implies, these auto accidents involve cars traveling in the same direction when the side of one vehicle hits the side of another. In most cases, one driver drifts from their lane due to distracted driving or driving under the influence. When a vehicle drives too close to parked cars a sideswipe accident can also occur. The impact of such an accident varies from mild to severe.

From huge medical bills to lost wages and undue pain and suffering, auto accidents can cause significant damages that affect your life adversely. If you sustain injuries during a car collision, contact Carl L. Britt, Jr. Attorney at Law. for help filing a claim an seeking compensation for damages. Our experienced auto accident attorneys lawyers in Fayetteville, NC are waiting to offer the support you need.

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