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Tips for Getting Your License Back

Woman with car key In the state of North Carolina, driving is considered a privilege, not a right. For this reason, people can have their licenses revoked or suspended.

If this has happened to you, you’re probably desperate to get your license back. When you’ll be able to do so, however, depends on various circumstances, such as why your license was originally suspended or revoked and what has happened since then.

Since getting your license back can be rather complex, hire legal counsel to assist you. Also, make sure that you understand the specifics of your situation fully and that you follow a few basic tips.

Always Attend Court

If you have even the most minor traffic offense and fail to show up for your court date or pay the ticket by the required date, your license may be automatically suspended or revoked.

Thus, when you receive a ticket, connect with an attorney immediately. These professionals will remind you of your court date and explain your other options, such as paying off the ticket and admitting fault.

The important thing is to take some kind of action. Ignoring a ticket is an easy way to get your license suspended. If you’re already too late to follow this advice and you’ve already lost your driving privileges, talk with an attorney. You have specific steps you will have to go through to get a new court date, to pay off your ticket, and to get your license back once again.

These steps are complex and may involve consequences for missing your court date. However, following them is the only way to legally drive once again.

Review Your Suspension Notice

When your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, you will receive a notice from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This notice will clearly explain why your license has been suspended. It will also let you know how long you have to wait or what you have to do for the suspension to be revoked.

If you do not receive your notice but an officer stops you, you can still be charged with driving without a license, which will require further legal assistance.

If you do get the notice but do not understand it or would like to learn about options for making the process go more quickly, consulting an attorney experienced with these types of cases can help.

Don’t Give Up

Sometimes, with a serious offense, or multiple serious offenses, you may receive a permanent suspension or revocation of your license.

When this happens, many people will simply take the word permanent at face value and will spend the rest of their lives not driving and not trying to get their licenses back. In some cases, a permanent suspension may truly be permanent.

In others, though, possible routes may exist through which drivers can get their licenses back.

So, even if you have received a permanent driver’s license suspension or revocation and think you may have no other alternatives, don’t give up. You may find it worth it to try getting your license back with the right legal counsel.

Visit the DMV

As a final word of advice, always be willing to pay a visit to your local DMV office.

They can often explain your suspension or revocation more thoroughly and clearly than the suspension notice you received. Furthermore, you may be able to correct mistakes or misunderstandings by speaking with a DMV agent.

At the very least, you should leave your DMV agency being clearer on your suspension and the options for getting your license back. Of course, no substitute exists for the help of a qualified attorney. If you’d like to learn more about getting your license back from a legal professional, contact the pros at Carl L. Britt, Jr Attorney at Law.

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